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2 months ago

"Well I'm not standing up (I did get to my knees a few times) but this was my first time attempting to surf ever and Tried my best. I will never forget it. Getting to be with my boys in their element attempting to do something they love and seeing the passion in their eyes was priceless. I have a much deeper appreciation for what they do and for all the surfers. They make it look easy & I can now tell you from is not. The coolest part of the day was when we got home they both hugged me and told me they were so proud of me for getting out there. They even gave me a Salty Sista surfer girl hat and said I earned it. Very special event, very special day. It was a gift. I would have never done it if it wasn't for Jennifer Murphy Blumenfeld signing me up and telling me I had no choice and giving me a couple drinks at the perfect time throughout the day to give me the courage to get out there. Thank you, Jen!!! And Haley Watson thank you for putting together such a great event and including the moms so we can have these moments with our kids that we will never forget. #stillstokedandthankful and apparently I have to practice all year so I can stand up at the next one ⚓️" -Liv Marcato ... See MoreSee Less

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